Po Poleka Session IPA 5.2% – fresh,hazy and easy to drink session IPA with nice bitterness and great aroma

Basi Kefa White IPA 6.7%- a hazy wheat IPA with unique tropical aroma and smooth taste. Basi Kefa is more than beer…

Opasen Char IPA 6.6% – our first beer, very balanced IPA with beautiful red color and aroma of pine, red fruits, citrus and long aftertaste.

Hot Takova smoked chili porter- easy to drink porter with hint of smoke and chili. A great to pair with food

Faster Bastard-5.8%  hoppy and fresh American Pale ale.

Dami Kanyat Chestnut Stout 7%-  this beer was a collaboration with Rhombus Craft Brewery. Very dark stout with roasted bio chestnuts and a hint of roasted barley. Like a Chocolate shake with chestnut inside.